Music Together® POLICIES


1. REFUNDS AND CREDITS. By registering for our classes , you are agreeing to commitment. We ask you to respect our Refund Policy and Classroom rules as they stand. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH REFUNDS ( FOR ANY REASON) AFTER FIRST DAY OF CLASS. A non-refundable fee of $25.00 will be deducted from tuition if cancellation occures before classes begin and if credit was issued. Credit is given in only exceptional curcumstances such as prolonged illness and inability to adjust to class. Please call Elena at 949-350-8983 with any quetions.

2. TRANSFERS: There will be a $10.00 fee per transfer from class to class/location per participant after the first week of class. Transfers based on space availability.

3.MAKE UP CLASSES. 2 per family per semester. MUST BE TAKEN DURING CURRENTLY ATTENDING SEMESTER! No carryovers, no refunds or credits. Schedule make up class on-line by clicking on REQUEST A MAKE UP CLASS Make ups can not be re-scheduled if missed without notice.

4. ILLNESS. Please do not attend class with the child or parent who shows sick symptoms. Use make up classes instead.

5. PUNCTUALITY. We hope everyone will arrive on time, and in fact we hope you'll come a little early to settle in and enjoy a little before- class music. It certainly will help your child to have the most relaxed and comfortable class experience.

6. Guests. Families may on special occasion bring a guest with them to class with prior permission from the director. Please call if there is space available in the class ahead of time. If space in class is not availabe and you did not call to notify us we reserve the right to ask you to attend a make up class instead. It is not necessary to obtain permission to bring another adult caregiver to class. Additional family members and caregivers are always welcome.
There will be a fee of $17.00 if you bring an unregistered sibling or a friend to class. The fee will be applied to our Music Together SCHOLLARSHIP FUND.

7. INFANTS. Only infants ages 0-8 months can attend class free with registered sibling.

8. TALKING IN CLASS. Children have all day to hear us talk.But they have just 45 minutes to hear us sing.
We do understand and appreciate the value of moms connecting and making new friends, and know that it is natural for us to talk in class and between songs, we ask you try to keep talking to a bare minimum and save socializing for after class.The class environment that will most benefit your child musically is one where they are immersed in the music without distractions.


10. FOOD AND DRINK. We ask families to please leave your food and drinks at home or to have it outside of the classroom.

11. SAFETY. Music Together is unique in the fact that all children in our classes do not have to do anything. They can fall asleep, move around,etc. As long as it is a safe behavior it is perfectly acceptable.
So we do not have many rules , but we do have just few that we ask you to help us with. Together we will create a most safe classroom environment.

1/ Please NO running in the classroom. It is perfectly OK to move around and for some chidlren it is a natural part of their learning process. However, we ask that they use their "walking " feet.

2/ No throwing. Chidlren have many opportunities to explore unstruments in class. We ask you to help us see that they are treated gently and never to throw them in the air.

3/ No rough- housing. Music Together is about familiy music. And in the family we are not the same age or the same size.We ask that eveyone treat each other gently and to be especially respectful of the little once in our class.

Thank you.