Class Descriptions

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Babies( 0-8 months)

Baby class designed as a one-semester introduction to the Music Together® program. This class is for babies eight months and younger. Music activities such as fingerplay, lap songs and songs without words are designed especially with this age-group in mind. Our Babies Collection with activity guides and CD and tape will help adults take the class experience home to others in the family. A great way to have fun yourself, learn how they learn and meet other new moms!

Mixed Music Together ( 0-5)

Educators, such as Maria Montessori for example, have long believed mixed age groupings beneficial and Music Together is developed with this in mind. Activities focus on Parent/child rather than Child/child interaction so children of different ages and siblings can enjoy class together.



Orff Music Classes for 4-5 & 6-7 year olds

Internationally recognized approach to music education developed by composer Carl Orff. Ear training, sight reading, notation, rhythmic abilities are developed through speech, movement, songs, games, poetry, adn playing Orff instruments, such as xylophones, metalophones, glockenspiels. Improvisation, creativity, and well-rounded musicanship is encouraged.

Music Together Big Kids®

Music Together Big Kids is a music class geared to the abilities of 5, 6, 7 years old children. The curriculum includes solfege, soles, ensembles, folk dances, harmony singing, vocal development, playing Orff instruments, drumming. In the safe environment children can experiment with conducting, improvisation, story and game songs. Parent participation is not required.


Jingle those bells and deck the Halls for a Special Holiday Class. Sing and dance to your favorite Holiday songs with bells, scarves, shakers, fingerplays , drums and Holiday instrumental Jam session!

Introduction to Music Together

This is a 3 week class that introduces you and your child to a wonderful world of Music Together Program.
Come and experience what Music Together class is like!